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When pain keeps you from staying outdoors, Pioneer PT is here to get you the results you deserve. We’re raising the bar for physical therapy, with individually crafted treatment plans and the convenience of our fully mobile clinic. We know how to best help active people meet their goals, because it’s our passion too.

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Taking stress out of the equation.
We come to you!


Whether recovering from an outdoor injury or post-surgery rehabilitation, our personalized and unique care is tailored to each individual, ensuring a swift and effective return to peak performance, so you can get back into action at your best.


Unlock your full potential with our movement assessments and proactive body care, offering performance-based strength plans. Our comprehensive approach, incorporating soft/deep tissue techniques, joint mobilizations, cupping, and more, ensures tailored support to enhance your athletic performance and active lifestyle.

Sports Rehab

Experience recovery and achieve peak performance with our sports and orthopedic rehabilitation services. Utilizing evidence-based techniques, we focus on enhancing mobility and optimizing function, providing guidance through individually tailored rehabilitation programs for your specific needs.

Workplace Wellness

Maximize your workday by transforming it into an opportunity for self-care and fitness. Our workplace wellness services bring healing and training directly to you and your team , ensuring that your body stays in shape and ready to tackle the stressors from work while staying ready for whatever the weekend has in store. We help bridge the gap between work and the activities you love.

Women's Health

Be empowered to optimize your well-being through holistic and safe pelvic floor care allowing you to embrace all of life's adventures without the stress of pelvic floor dysfunction including incontinence, pelvic pain, diastasis recti, pre and postnatal care, as well as heaviness.   

What to expect

We want to see you be successful for the long term and know that we have your back. We structure our treatment plans to be efficient, effective, and will give you the tools you need to be self-sufficient.



We meet people out in the community and on the trails. Once we’ve had the pleasure of meeting, we’ll set up your initial discovery visit and see how we can best serve you.


In our discovery visit, we take the time to get to know you
and how we can best treat you whether it be recovering from an injury, or exercises to keep you getting after it.

Care plan of action

This is where we get you back out to the activities you
love. We craft a personalized plan of care that’s just as unique as the trails you ride.

Fees & Insurance

HSA / Flexible Spending:

We do take HSA and Flexible Spending and will provide you with an itemized receipt for our services at request.


We do not bill insurance and are an out-of-network clinic. If your insurance policy covers out-of-network physical therapy care, you may receive partial or full reimbursement directly from your insurance provider using an itemized receipt from our office. However, we do not submit this receipt for you, communicate with the insurance company, or navigate the insurance process for you in any way.

Why We Are Out-of-Network:

We prefer to have the central focus of our practice be the in the best interest and health of our patients, not reimbursement from insurance companies.

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Meet the team

Dr. James Dulkerian

Founder & Physical Therapist

Knowing the importance of being active in the outdoors with my love for mountain biking, surfing, and snowboarding, my vision is to raise the bar of healthcare by delivering body care and individualized plans where you are with the convenience of a fully mobile clinic so that you won’t miss out. Being a girl dad and raising a little badass is also a huge priority of mine. 

Dr. Gabby Mace

Founder & Physical Therapist

Growing up, soccer was a huge part of Dr. Gabby's life. With playing sports came injury and attending physical therapy. Dr. Gabby knew this is what she wanted to do as a career. After graduating PT school, she knew she didn't fit in the traditional clinic setting and started with Pioneer PT in 2021. She values time with her clients and getting to know them on a deeper level. Gabby strives to give her clients the best personalized and proactive care wherever they are. 

PickleBall Special

Don't let a Pickleball injury keep you on the sidelines. Contact Pioneer PT today to learn more about our special. Kickstart your recovery with Pioneer PT – where your comeback begins!


What people have to say about Pioneer

Christina Fang

I have had knee pain for years without a specific diagnosis after orthopedic evaluation. I tried a number of treatments without success. I have been working with Gabby who was able to identify the source of my pain and within a few sessions and following her recommendations, am pain-free. I highly recommend Pioneer PT!

Camille Mazelev

I saw Dr. Gabby for a mobility assessment and recommendations to improve specific movements. I felt better after completing one action item, and am already able to move with more fluidity.

Osama Alkahily

Pioneer PT has helped me tremendously with my neck and upper back pain. JT is very kind and focused, he gets to the core of the problem and addresses it like no one else had done before. I definitely recommend them to everyone.

Call today and let’s set up a time to keep you active!

Whether recovering from an outdoor injury or post-surgery rehabilitation, our personalized and unique care is tailored to each individual, ensuring a swift and effective return to peak performance, so you can get back into action at your best.

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